While Papa John’s stores do require A5 planning consent, we are fundamentally different from many of the other takeaways on the high street, and we pride ourselves on the policies and procedures that we have in place to ensure that this remains the case.

The types of issues that frequently arise in planning applications include concerns over increased litter, anti-social behaviour, traffic disruption and unpleasant cooking smells. Our Responsible Growth Policy aims to address precisely these issues before they ever become a problem. The Papa John’s business models means that over 75% of our orders are for delivery to our customers’ homes, which both minimises the likelihood of customers ‘loitering’ around stores and the risk of litter being dropped on the surrounding streets.

Papa John’s currently only sells full-size pizzas (with the exception of some express service outlets that are limited to non-public locations). As a result, the size, temperature and consistency of the product deters customers from consuming pizza ‘on the go’, which further reduces the possibility of litter being irresponsibly discarded.

During the planning of a new store, we work with the relevant authorities to ensure there is adequate parking and access for our delivery vehicles in order to minimise the impact on local traffic. Equally, all of our staff members are briefed to act in a responsible manner in terms of reducing the noise from drivers and vehicles.

Similarly, because Papa John’s only uses fresh ingredients to create its pizzas and other products on site, this means that the aroma coming from one of our stores is more akin to that of a local baker than a traditional fast-food outlet. Even so, we use a very high specification of ventilation and extraction to minimise the escape of any cooking smells.

As a result of these measures, we avoid any adverse environmental or traffic impact for neighbouring properties

In recent months, concerns have been raised regarding the proximity of hot food takeaways to local schools.

As a company, Papa John’s works with local authorities to help them achieve their objectives in respect of this issue through robust but fair planning conditions.

Thanks to the application of our Responsible Growth Policy, a Papa John’s store is always a welcome and positive addition to the local community. Through our Franchise system, we represent not only a well-run business providing employment and structured career paths for local people (typically 12 to 15 members of staff), but also a business that is actively involved in supporting the local community.

In advance of any planning process, Papa John’s is happy to discuss any potential concerns with local authorities, and in many cases we are able to accept planning conditions that would be untenable for other A5 operators.

If you have any questions about this policy or the impact of Papa John’s in your community, please contact us directly at franchise@papajohns.co.uk