Former pizza delivery driver, Siddhartha Chirumamilla (Sid), became a Papa John’s franchisee five years ago and runs stores in the South East of England plus the Scottish Rutherglen, Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy and Falkirk.  Currently Sid runs 11 Papa John’s and he has plans to open more in the future.

Sid explains: “Before joining Papa John’s I worked as a mechanical engineer.  This role was factory based and the job was really the same, day-in, day-out.  However, I always wanted to run my own business.  When I was studying in London, I had worked for Papa John’s as a delivery driver and this gave me the idea of buying a franchised store.  With help from an initial HSBC business loan, I haven’t looked back!

“At first, I’d planned to open just one or two Papa John’s, but the business expanded and opportunities came quickly.  As a result, I’ve become pretty passionate about pizza and now run multliple stores. 

The team at Papa John’s is highly supportive both financially and personally, everyone is always helpful and enthusiastic.  Our goals are aligned to grow the operation and open more stores.

“My role in the industry has changed dramatically over the years from being a student driver to now overseeing my own operation.  Most of my work is currently involved with handling the new openings, while my managers run each individual Papa John’s.  I also work with an experienced business partner: Vamsi Atluri, who looks after the Scottish stores for me.   

“There are advantages of economies of scale by running more than one outlet as it offers the chance for expansion using a formula that works well.  Once a franchisee becomes confident in managing one store, Papa John’s helps them apply that knowledge to open multiple outlets if they wish.  Papa John’s also offers some great incentive deals to franchisees to expand in this way which has been a great boost and helped me grow my business.

“I believe Papa John’s concept of: “BETTER INGREDIENTS.  BETTER PIZZA.”  which means we only use the best quality, freshest ingredients, is key to the popularity and continued growth of the brand,” continues Sid.  “With well over 350 Papa John’s across the UK and a focused strategy of expansion, I am very much looking forward to contributing to helping the Company take a bigger slice of the market in the future.”